We’ve received many questions over the years from people just like you. Here are answers to the most popular ones.

Zelda Company

How to get started?

If you have an Interest in exceeding your power by doing business with Zelda, you must send an enquiry to sales@zeldatools.com, we will get back to you with the relevant details and help you choose the best product for your business. Then we will send you the PI and once that is confirmed, we will start your production and ship you the goods in 30 days.

Do you sell retail?

No we do not sell in retail. We ship our products in bulk, usually 40 Feet High Cube Containers, but 20 Feet containers are also acceptable.

What is the difference between OEM and ODM?

OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer and ODM is Original Design Manufacturer

With OEM, we can produce the machines under the customer’s specification, color, design and brand.

With ODM, you can buy machines designed by Zelda. You just have to choose the product and we will ship them to you with all the relevant items.

Are you a manufacturing company?

We are a manufacturing as well as a trading company.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way is to send us an email to sales@zeldatools.com or zelda@zeldatools.com.

What makes you different from other companies?

Zelda is different in various ways from other companies in China, to put it simply “ Our Culture is Different “.

We work in the hardware capital of china and we know most of the factories working methods, culture, business style, key persons and other relevant details. We look beyond a business which is just product based. We strongly believe that having a good positive working culture and put together a skilled and motivated team can reflect on our products and the service provided to our customers.

Who are Zelda’s customers?

Our customers are the most valuable assets. Most of our customers are Importers who have many distributers in their country. We always welcome customers who share our core values in doing business.

I have not heard of Zelda before, are you a new company?

Zelda was established since 2015 by a team of members with exceptional knowledge and with over 10 years of experience in the hardware Industry.

Can you make your machines under my brand?

Yes we can, If it matches the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

What kind of warranty does Zelda have?

We provide 1-year warranty to most of our machines. For more information please send the product number and send an email to sales@zeldatools.com.

Do you offer any technical support?

Yes, we have engineers ready to assist customers with technical support problems, any issues that may arise during the quoting or installation process, as well as after market support.

Do you give discounts?

It totally depends on the specific product and their quantity you are ordering. We always quote our customers fairly and our prices are usually lower than the market rates in china. We do not provide discounts jeopardizing the product or service quality.

Why should I choose you?

This is a question in many buyers mind, Zelda is a new generation company with great products and service, and we are skill-oriented company. We believe in smart work and hard work combined. We never lose sight of our customer’s requirements. We provide world class training sessions to our staff and our associates, yes “world class“, don’t believe us? We cordially welcome you to come and observe one of our sessions.

Can you ship to my country?

Zelda being an International brand, ship to most locations in the world. For shipping rates, kindly get in touch with us for a custom quote.

How do I apply for a job in Zelda?

We are very keen on attracting young, talented and enthusiastic workers, you can send an email with your most recent curriculum vitae to zelda@zeldatools.com and we shall get back to you.

I have heard Chinese products don’t last and their quality is very bad, is it true?

Well, you get what you pay for, china is a manufacturing hub of the world and they usually fulfill customers demand. If the importer wants to import a toy costing $1 or if the Importer wants to Import the same toy with best quality costing $100, Chinese factories can manufacture both the types.

Any famous brand you know, they have a manufacturing plant in China for example, IPhone, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Armani, Nike, Adidas. So In china, quality is directly proportional to the price you pay. You buy it right or you buy it twice.

Every Chinese factory will keep their profit margin; the discount you get is from reducing the quality of materials used, not from the factories profit margin.

Will my order be in stock?

Yes, if you are ordering Zelda branded products, we can have them ready soon and if it’s OEM brand, then it we will take 30 days to prepare your customized order.

What is the difference between a spare part and an accessory?

Spare parts are the essential parts of a tool. They are basic equipment, without which it would not be possible to operate the tool.

For example Spare parts include: toothed belts, screws, yokes and carbon brush sets etc.

Accessories are function-enhancing attachments or add-ons, without which a power tool still operates normally, and includes, saw blades, cases, auxiliary handles, sanding paper and drill bits.

Welding Machines

What is the best machine to weld aluminum?

Aluminum alloys provide more of a challenge to welders than steel alloys. Aluminum has a lower melting point and higher conductivity than steels, which can result in burnthroughs, particularly in thinner aluminum sheets. Aluminum feeder wire is softer than its steel counterpart and can tangle in the feeder. Choosing a welding method for aluminum depends on the needs of the particular application and the skills of the welder who will be performing the fabrication.

Metal inert gas (MIG) welding can be successfully used to weld aluminum. When selecting a welder, it must be decided whether spray arc welding or pulse welding methods will be used. Pulse welding requires an inverter power supply, while constant current and constant voltage machines can be used for spray arc welding. MIG welding is best for thinner gauges of aluminum sheets because of the amount of heat needed. When choosing a shielding gas, 100 percent argon is best for MIG welding aluminum. The welder must choose a welding wire or rod that has an alloy as similar to that of the work pieces as possible to create a quality weld.

We recommend our following products for welding aluminum PRO WSME 315, PRO WSME 400.

Why is it difficult if when a thin tube has to be welded to a thick plate or bar?

A: The thick element absorbs a large quantity of heat before reaching melting temperature. On the contrary the thin tube melts almost immediately. Therefore to weld properly one has to change the configuration of the joint so that the difference in thickness be kept to a minimum.

The bar or plate has to be machined so that at the joint location the thickness be comparable to that of the tube, or an intermediate transition element of proper shape and size must be welded between the two elements. Alternatively, if the joint shape permits it, one should consider brazing or friction welding.

What to do if the welding wire gets stuck in my MIG welder?

Make sure the wire is clean with no rust spots and not entangled on the drum. The feeder rolls fit the diameter and material of the wire, and placed inside the notch of the feeder rolls. The feeder bolt is sufficiently tightened, the electrode lead is laid out straight with no sharp twists, the contact tip fits the wire diameter, is clean and not worn.

What is hot start?

A temporary increase (half a second) of the welding current when starting to weld, helps create an arc quickly and reliably, without the electrode sticking or damage to the work piece.

Air Compressor

What size compressor do I need?

In order to determine what size compressor will meet your requirements you need to establish how it will be used. For example, if you will be using it to power air tools, then you need to determine the CFM of each tool. There are many applications for air compressors. If you need help deciding which size is best for you, please contact us at sales@zeldatools.com.

What are CFM and PSI and which is more Important?

The notation CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) refers to a volume of air produced by the air compressor at a given pressure or PSI (Pound per Square Inch). The right size air compressor will meet your needs in two essential areas: air flow (CFM) and pressure (PSI). It’s important to get a compressor that meets your needs in both areas – otherwise you risk damage to both your tools and the compressor itself. Always use CFM and PSI specifications from the nameplate on the product.
Can you store more air at higher air pressure?
Yes, the higher air pressure will increase the amount of stored air. At 175 PSIG a 300 Lts tank will store 127 cu. ft. of air. The same 300 Lts tank at 100 PSIG will store only 73 cu. ft. of air.

What are the advantages of using compressed air vs. other power sources?

The advantages are many and are summarized in the following list:

Safety is one of the biggest advantages. Electrical shock potential is greatly reduced.
Typically, pneumatic tools will weigh less than electric tools and make the tools more ergonomically friendly.

Compressed air has more flexibility than electrical tools because the compressor can be made to be mobile. Either in the case of engine driven units or wheeled portables that can be moved around at the job site.

Compressed air can be regulated which permits varying pressure range uses within one piping system.
In almost all cases, the air tool’s initial purchase cost is less than comparable electric or hydraulic tools.

Compressed air distribution systems are easier and less costly to install than electrical grids and less demanding than hydraulic system lines. The compressed air system can be modified for multiple points of use.

Air tools have less maintenance and down time than hydraulic tools. They also will not burn the air tool motor up like an electric tool could in low electrical voltage situations.

Air tools run cooler because the expanded air dissipates the heat of operation as the air passes through the tool.

Compressed air system leakage will not contaminate a work place

When should I replace the air intake filter?

If your compressor has an Air Intake Filter, it should be cleaned on a weekly basis (assuming you are using the compressor about 3 days a week). When the filter starts to develop debris that is becoming harder to clean out, or you notice any tears or holes in the filter, the filter should be replaced.

What happens when water stays in my compressor?

Compressor tanks are made of steel, which means if water is left in the tank, rust will start to accrue. Depending on the severity, contact your local service center about the best way to eliminate the problem. One place to start would be to look into purchasing an air dryer, to help eliminate the problem.

What is a good tank size?

The tank size you will use will depend on the amount of air that you need stored. A benefit to larger tanked air compressors is that the motor will not start and stop as often as a smaller tanked compressor. However, if you do not believe that you will use a good amount of air, it may be better to use a smaller tank.

How often should I service my compressor?

The answer to this depends on how often you run your compressor. If you are running your compressor occasionally, then annual service would be fine. If you are running your compressor routinely, then quarterly service may be needed.

What is the smallest and largest air tank that you provide?

Our air tank size ranges from 10 Lts to 500 Lts

What tool can I use for the air compressor?

 Please check the Air Tool Compatibility Chart for more information.

Garden Tools

My brush cutter engine will not start, I think it may be flooded, how can I start this?

Please refer to your Zelda operator’s manual, to review the starting procedure.

Placing the choke lever in the OFF CHOKE position; then, pull the rope to clear the engine of excess fuel can start flooded engines. This could require pulling the starter handle many times depending on how badly the unit is flooded. If the unit still does not start, take to a local authorized service center.

Why does the head of my trimmer / brush cutter not turn when I activate the throttle?

There may be one of several reasons for this.
First, check that the cutting equipment is properly mounted and is free from any obstructions.

Next, make sure that the shaft has not loosened and separated from the power head.

If this does not solve the problem, you may be experiencing one of the following:

A Defective Clutch
A Broken Shaft
A Damaged Gear head

How do I adjust the timing on my chainsaw?

The timing is controlled by the ignition coil, and the flywheel key.

There is no adjustment capability.

How to clean and inspect spark plug for my hedge trimmer?

Disconnect the spark plug lead. Then, clean the area around the spark plug to avoid getting debris in the combustion chamber when you remove the plug.

Clean oily deposits from the plug with a stiff tooth brush and spray-on plug cleaner.

Check that the center electrode is square and is gapped according to the owners manual. Reinstall plug being careful not to over tighten.

The correct spark plug type must be used or engine damage may occur.

Power Tools

Do my tools require maintenance?

Yes, of course. Like all precision machinery, your Zelda Power Tools require maintenance in order to remain in top condition, and to keep them protected from the harshness of modern workshops and construction environments.

Are you experts on Power Tools?

We are experts on all the products we offer to our customers, we make sure we can support our customers before committing to any business.