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Zelda Welding Machine

Zelda Tools is a company dedicated highly to welding excellence, with over 10 years in the welding manufacturing Industry. We are the most professional welding company in the hardware capital of China. Our offering includes welding solutions for both demanding industrial applications and ready-to-weld needs.

Welders and welding machines from Zelda Tools respond to all your welding and cutting demands through a unique and extensive range of machines suitable for MIG welding, TIG welding, MMA welding and Plasma Cutting.

We offer worldwide distribution and personalized customer care

Choosing the right technology depends on many factors, from materials to cut quality preferences. Find the right technology for your business and continue your research on our website. Please contact us at anytime to speak with one of our welding experts.

We design products to meet specific needs of varied welding applications. If you are looking for a lightweight compact machine or modular welding equipment for heavy industry, you can be sure to find the right fit for the task from our range of manual-welding offering.

Zelda Tools Equipment’s are gaining national recognition and worldwide acceptance.  If Zelda is a new name to you, or you are curious about our inverter welders, plasma cutters & welding product line, we hope that you find this site helpful. Our site is designed to give you rapid and easy access to the welding or generating products you want.